September: Miles Ferrante


  • chard,
  • winter spinach,
  • winter lettuce (valdor is a good variety),
  • winter spring onions.

Keep picking:

  • courgettes and cucumbers or they will stop producing fruit.
  • Test sweetcorn for ripeness when the tassels have turned chocolate brown. Then squeeze a grain with fingernails, if a watery liquid squirts out its not ready, if its milky in colour it is.
  • Pick non hardy varieties of Leeks before frosts kill them.
  • Pick apples when they come off in your hand without using any force.


  • Summer Raspberries, if you unsure which is which, cut out brown shots and leave green ones. Remove weak growth at the same time.
  • Cut off dead strawberry leaves.
  • Take cuttings of blackberries.

Start planning for next year

  • Shop should be open in Dec. Several composts and fertilisers available, plus many many more items.
  • Seed catalogues to be issued on rent day so seeds will be here earlier this year for those of you who sow early onions or tomato’s.
  • Finally if you would like somebody to buy you an allotment voucher for Christmas to spend in the allotment shop we can look at this. It could go towards compost, seeds, netting etc. Just ask a committee member.