July: Miles Ferrante

Another busy month ahead with many plants still to plant and harvesting begins.

Continue sowing:

  • Lettuce – try red lettuce such as Nymans.
  • Beetroot – sow in modules, works really well.
  • Runner beans –  lots of professional gardeners sow 2 lots of runner beans to prolong season now that we have milder winters.
  • Courgettes – grow quickly so will get a crop by end of season.
  • Carrots – try Yellowstone or deep purple.
  • Spring cabbages – sow 3rd week of July and 2nd week of August.
  • Chard– ruby looks and tastes good.
  • Spinach.

General Tasks

  • Feed plants, especially Tomatoes (available in shop).
  • Cut Artichokes, or if like me you don’t know what to do with them, leave for flowers, bees love them.
  • Pull soil up to Leeks to blanch them.
  • Remove tomato leaves next to fruit to help them ripen quicker.
  • Water down greenhouse to discourage red spider mite as they don’t like damp conditions.
  • Thin fruit such as apples, you will then get bigger fruit.
  • Peg down Strawberry runners.
  • Summer prune fruit trees.
Look out for:
  • Gooseberry sawfly.
  • Blackfly on broad beans.
  • Aphids.
And Finally:
Keep an eye out for Potato blight as I have been informed several people have it on C, if you find any pick and burn leaves, do not compost. If plant is covered badly cut off top as son as possible, this may save the tubers.