Action Plan 2015

St Mary’s Allotment Association
Planning Meeting 18th January 2015

 List of actions for this year

The committee decided this was the list of items to concentrate on for the coming year.

  1. Wire Bays The Leaves and Manure need to be kept in separate bays, this will entail posts and wire or fencing being erected. Jak will cost posts etc and bring details to next meeting. She will also look at the best use of the area available.
  2. Talks Composters – Garden Organic  –   suggested 1st Sat March
  3. Bees – Pauline Pears
  4. Pruning – Morton Morrell  –  suggested April/May
  5. Partners/Volunteers/Paid work – to get work done on site as needed
  6. Bonfires Flyers   Bonfires are becoming a nuisance at times
  7. Notice – We need to make everyone aware of Rule 15
  8. Shed Numbers Too many sheds do not have plot numbers’ Area Reps to walks site and note all missing numbers. Newsletter to stress need to put numbers on sheds or greenhouses or just on post.
  9. Car Park Seven Trent may still be able to help with the car park but we could look into grants and making the car park larger by taking out the long hump and green path along the side of area E and tarmacking to provide more spaces. This would be a big project. We could approach Seven Trent and apply for other grants.
  10. Glebe Place Glebe Place residents and members would like some plants or tubs by the new fence to soften the look. Jak will talk to Kerry, Adele and Rosemary, we could provide the tubs and plants for them to maintain.
  11. Communications Develop the Website