Action Plan 2013

St Mary’s Allotment Association
Minutes of planning meeting held Sunday 3rd February 2013

Jim Layton, Kate Rourke, Nigel Briggs

Harj Bagga, Lesley Campbell, Joan Blows, Gordon Simms, P. Gill, Pete Betts, Miles Ferrante, Jak Sheridan

Jim opened the planning meeting.
Last year’s Planning Meeting had 10 items we were hoping to achieve.
Most of them were met.

  • The coffee mornings were not held monthly as hoped and the new hut is not yet up.
  • The hut will be arriving this Tuesday 5th February! Anyone able to help keep the car park clear will be welcome.
  • The Website is up and running
  • Micron Theatre are willing to come again and are available 23rd August, a weekday. Jim will see if an evening performance (7pm) is possible . Last year’s play was a great success as they are booked for weekends it was felt it would be a shame to miss having the players again.
  • Sadly Sarah Galpin a previous treasurer has passed away from cancer and Jim asked Kate to write a condolence letter. Committee who knew Sarah may also wish to write personally to Phil and the children. Jim will give Kate the address details.
  • Mr. Gill is unwell.
  • Summing up Jim said the general feeling from members is we need this year to consolidate the work done last year and focus on site maintenance. Having said that this is the planning meeting and we need to look ahead.

Actions for 2013

  1. DRAINAGE: The site is having problems with the high water table and the excessive rainfall we have had. We discussed possible remedies, topsoil, sumps, drainage pipes. As it has not really been a problem for long periods before the decision is to monitor the situation for twelve months, recording where the plots are under water and how long for with a view to finding a solution. Kate and Joan will liaise to keep record and site reps will also let members know and ask them to keep us informed. Action KR & JB
  2. PATHS: Last year the maintenance of the paths was very poor and plot holders in many cases did not maintain their paths. The rule is plot holders maintain dividing paths 18 inches wide and the committee maintain main paths. This just did not happen. Pete and Dave did strim many paths for plot holders unable to do so for a small charge ( put into funds). This year it was decided to put an advance notice up on the hut, in the news letter and on the web site of the Rule being enforced and penalties being imposed on members not doing so. A sliding scale of penalties will be introduced, taking into consideration any circumstances which need discretionary let outs. Main Paths , John King said we need a rota again to do the main paths. Jak volunteered to be on rota. Rota to be on March agenda. Action Site Reps JS
  3. CAR PARK: The car park is full of pot holes again. It was discussed the best way forward. Nigel said the work we had done last time had lasted 4 years and we could do that again. Jak suggested it would be good if we could get scrapings from road repairs. Pete thought they were now recycled not scrapped. Kate suggested a longer tern solution should be looked at. Joan also felt a longer term solution was needed. Finally as we are low on funds now it was decided Nigel and Jak would look into their suggestions and we would see if we could go with either or both together. Action NB & JS
  4. SPRING SALE : 2nd JUNE. We will hold another spring sale, plants, books and a tombola. Tea, Coffee and Cakes. Lesley, Kate and Pete will organise. A later sale will be held in August. Date to be arranged. Action LC, KR, PB
  5. ESTABLISHING THE HUT: The Committee will aim to establish the hut and aim for a veranda with a “roof” of some kind. Possibly benches. The old hut to be reduced in size and kept for general storage use. Old tools, chairs, allowing the new hut to be kept smarter and tidier. Action All
  6. INFORMATION : We need to advertise the Website is up and running and the information available on it. Jim, Lesley and Miles have offered to learn to update it. Jim and Lesley have already had tuition. Kate has agreed to take over the Notices as Miles finds he is unable to keep doing it. Action JL, LC, MF, KR