Action Plan 2014

Each year the Committee meets to prioritise work for the year ahead, aiming for a balance of maintenance and development with available or potential finance in mind.

Our 10 points for 2014:

  1. 1. To recruit more volunteers for work on/ to do with our site..Lesley Campbell, Jo Blows leading this .
  2. Monitor and take action to control the cost of our water supply..Miles Ferrante.
  3. Develop educational activities on site..Miles Ferrante.
  4. Organise clearance of ditch at foot of area F..Nigel Briggs.
  5. Liaise with Severn Trent re possible car park surfacing..Gordon Simms.
  6. Approach Moreton Morrell College (and others) re maintenance of hedges and non fruiting trees..Kate Rourke.
  7. Continue to improve security: Glebe Place and Welches Meadows boundaries..Jim Layton
  8. Investigate / register site as a Community Asset..Nigel Briggs.
  9. Co ordinate events including the May Plant sale. Kate Rourke.
  10. Er, that’s it, not quite 10.

All to be reviewed at the 2014 AGM