Support for Cubbington Allotmentholders

Cubbington Allotments are asking St Mary’s allotment holders for support in their petition to save their allotments. If you want to support them the information and link bellows gives more details.

“I believe your committee has already been in touch with someone from Cubbington Allotment Association in connection with Warwick District Council naming our allotment site at Rugby Road Cubbington as its preferred option for housing in the village. As of this morning we have a petition live on the WDC website, and would be grateful if you and your members could support us by signing it and passing the address on.”

The link is: (if it doesn’t work please copy it and paste it into your browser)

Mikron Return

Advance news..pencil it in now. Mikron Theatre will present part 3 of their Allotment Trilogy at St Marys on Friday August 22nd at 6.30pm. More to follow. Great show last year, enjoyed by an audience of 150.

Seed Potatoes now in

And what a choice..

Our shop now has: Earlies, Dunluce, ,International Kidney, Charlotte, Rocket, Winston and Pentland Javelin.

Mains, Blue Belle, Desiree, (late), Picasso, Kestrel, King Edward, Sarpo, (blight resistant), Sante, Valor and Romano. These last 4 grew well on our site last year and Valor is recommended for taste and versatility.

All are £1.50 per kilo. Come by, choose and start the chitting ritual. rich organic mulch