Mikron returns on August 8th

Britain’s most prolific band of roving actors The Mikron Theatre Company are stopping off in Warwickshire to present a savoury tale of fish and chips called ‘One of Each’ The show follows Sir Caspian Delamere’s mission to find the finest fish and chips in Britain.

One of Each (photo by Peter Boyd)
Left to right James McCLean, Ellen Chivers, Rachael Henley Steve McCourt

The performance  will be playing at 3pm on August 8th at St Mary’s Allotments in Leamington Spa. .

The troupe, who tour on a narrowboat, have 150 dates lined up this year which they will travel to by canal, river and road.

Writer Deborah McAndrew said: “It’s always a lot of fun writing for Mikron, but working on One of Each has been a real labour of love. Like most British people, fish and chips are full of nostalgia for me. Right up until the present time it’s still a Friday family treat, but more evocative are the memories of childhood holidays: walking down the promenade at dusk, the sound and smell of the sea and the wind cooling my supper.

“If heaven exists, that’s what it is – hot, salty, seaside fish and chips.”

Mikron, who have been producing their unique brand of theatre for 43 years, travel along canals and rivers, mooring up to play venues including a tunnel, pubs, cafes, living rooms, village halls, marinas and dry docks. They have covered an estimated 23,000 hours on canals and waterways, 440,000 road miles and performed to 312,000 people since starting out 44 years ago.

The cast of four unpack set, props, costumes, musical instruments and lights before bringing their characters, stories and songs to life.

One of Each pitches up at the allotments on August 8th at 3pm. No ticket is required but a cash collection will be taken after the show.

For more information call 07432 685 032 or visit www.mikron.org.uk

Mikron 2014

Mikron Triumphs again
4X4A6337It was good to round off our season with Mikron Theatre. A really chilly evening but much enjoyed by the audience of sixty odd. Many felt it was the best yet of the 3 visits they have now made to our site..the production was witty, inventive and really funny. It was great to have so much help clearing the chairs etc afterwards. Thanks.

You can see more of the Mikron photos on Allotment Arts page. Click here to see them.

With Mikron arriving by canal barge and the last bit by transit van, it really felt like a modern version of the old ‘travelling players’. If we can get them again next year, don’t miss it.4X4A6342


Last stage of our Security plan..a little bit of history gone.

On the hottest day of the year so far our old, low, railings were replaced by new 2 metre ones with matching gate. The old ones were in poor condition when inspected but it was sad to see them go. The Security plan was started 4 years ago and this is the final stage in terms of infrastructure. Thanks to all who helped along the way, including WCC and WDC.WP_20140722_10_57_05_ProWP_20140722_10_59_49_Pro

Mikron Theatre return with part 3 of their Allotment Trilogy

TilCowsComeHome_Cast&Cows LOW RES TTCCH A5 FLYER_2Thelast two years have seen two great shows from MIKRON enjoyed by over 150 people last year.

This new production is taking place on Friday August 22nd at 6.30pm. Please park nearby and come on foot. Should the evening be wet the event will be transferred to the Sydni Centre. The evening is free but please bring something to contribute to Mikron’s expenses, a St Mary’s Allotments fund raising raffle ticket and a little for tea/coffee/soft drink. Look forward to seeing you there.


The First Annual Exhibition – 1894

We’ve received photographs of the cup presented at the Annual Exhibition of the Leamington St Mary’s Horticultural Society which took place in August 1895. The Challenge Cup was awarded for the best cropped and cultivated allotment. It looks as though this trophy was awarded for 6 years. Does anyone know what happened after that?

Cup2Cup 1Cup3




We have also found the advert placed in the Leamington Spa Courier on July 21st 1894 for the first Annual Exhibition. It seems like quite a lively affair with music, dancing and lectures and refreshments. The advert below has been reproduced (for easier reading) as closely a possible to the original with regards to fonts and layout.

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 14.52.33If anyone else has information or later trophies or programmes do let us know so we can add them to the site.