September 2016 Newsletter

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September 2016

Rent Days ………….

It’s that time of year again when rents are due.
This year’s rent days are:

Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th September, from 10-12
Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd October, also 10-12

No increases again, so rents will be:
£30 per 200 yds,
£15 per 100 yards.
Plus £3 NAS membership.

Thus :
A full plot is £30 +£3 =£33
A half plot is £15 +£3 =£18
Two full plots £60 +3 =£63 and etc.

Please bring your rent book for stamping (or be prepared to buy a replacement) and it would help greatly to have payment by cheque. please make all cheques to St Mary’s Allotment Association.If you can’t make those dates please email to make arrangements or leave a cheque, plot number, rent book and SAE in the letter box on the green hut.

Late fee, as before, is £20. Hopefully there won’t be many. All the work is done on a voluntary basis and it’s great not to have many complications.

We also plan to have the Shop open for bean and pea seed, greenhouse fumigators, some seeds and fertilisers. Do pick up a King’s Seed Catalogue too. All orders to Jak Sheridan or the letter box on the Green Hut by the end of October please. NB This is earlier than usual so orders can be distributed in early December. Quality, range and prices are unbeatable.

Rent Days ………….

St Mary’s Church Hall at 7.image.do30.
This is on Monday November 28th

Please think now if there is an issue you want to raise or if you might be willing to join the Committee. It looks like we will have around 3 vacancies Can you help? It doesn’t have to be too demanding of your time.

Mikron Theatre Visit ………


It was great to see so many people at this year’s Mikron theatre production. Another great production by Mikron. Many thanks to all those people who made cakes for the refreshments stall and for those who ran the stall so successfully. We raised around £100 for allotments funds.

Mile’s Allotment Jobs ……………….

20d1fee1-beb2-46ab-b502-7cf3dc8fd36bThanks to Miles again for his useful list of September jobs.  These can be found by clicking on the link to the St Mary’s Website. 

Mapping the Site ……………….

The site map has not been revised since Jak Sheridan did it in 2005 and it’s a tribute to Jak that it has served the Association so well over that time.

Tim Naylor  recently took on the task of remapping the site using digital GPS and has produced a series of new maps for the whole site.  The new maps include the new water system and they align well with the site as shown on Google Earth.  Many thanks to Tim for all his hard work on this project.  I’m sure it will see us through the next ten years and beyond.


And Finally ……………….


This sign was recently spotted on the wall of the new Sainsbury’s Local.  Good to know that the creation of the Association is now recorded for all to see.

Time now for harvesting and planning the Winter type jobs..clearing beds, repairing sheds etc. not a bad season overall. 

Happy Gardening
Jim Layton (Chair)