April 2017

April 2017

Get Planting for Our Plant Sale ………….

At last, we are now planting and sowing again.

Our annual Plant Sale is on Sunday May 28th from 10 till 12. This is the weekend, by tradition, when it’s considered safe to plant delicate plants outdoors with very little frost risk. So hold on to your tomatoes, squash, courgettes etc till then.

We hope to have a good range on sale but your help is needed. A good time to plant some spares, anything you can, to donate to our sale.

April Jobs ………….


Our ongoing thanks to Miles for his monthly growing guides and tips. These can be accessed from our website on by clicking here
Miles updates these each month so they are worth looking at. All of the growing tips now stored in the Growing Guides section of the website.

Why not have a look. You might learn something new even if you are an old hand!

We also put the current newsletter, and all of the old ones on our website. So if you’ve missed one you can always go back and have a look there.  Click here to try it out.

New Gate and Loo Application ………….

By this time next month we should have a new gate and surrounds onto the green path at the Radford Road entrance. New keys will be needed and available from the shop in due course.

Our application for  grant to buy a Woo Woo Eco Toilet should have been judged by then too.

FreeMulch ……………….

There’s a great source of free mulch on the plot along the green road between Area C and E (It’s the broad green road going diagonally off the road to the left of the car park). It’s a 3 year matured mix of grass cuttings and leaves which will benefit your soil and or compost bin. Some people are putting it around fruit bushes, such as raspberries, where it will hold water in as well as suppress weeds. Please take it from the Green Path side only.

Unfortunately our free wood-chip supplies seem to have dried up and, as it’s nesting time, we may not see much until the Autumn.

Allotment Inspections ……………….

Thanks to all who got ready for the April inspection. We were noting plots without numbers displayed, amongst other things, but decided multiple letters at 65p were less useful than a few of us going round the site painting the numbers on ourselves where needed. The numbering is really important for the administration of our large site as otherwise when inspecting, doing risk assessments etc confusions can (and have) occured.

Site Risks ……………….

Talking of risk; it was agreed at the last Committee Meeting, on 9th April, that the on site speed limit be kept at 10mph maximum. For safety’s sake please don’t exceed this limit which will be enforced.

Our new parking spaces are working well but please observe the spaces designated for those with a disability. On a sunny weekend morning the car park is likely to be full at peak times, which is around 11 until 1pm, so it’s best to park off site if you can.

The No Parking zone around the huts is there because people reversing out may back into cars parked there. It has happened already.

Finally, especially for new members, please be wary and take care at the exit onto the main road. Bikes do race past on the footpath and vehicles do jump the Radford Road red lights.

Members’ Concerns ……………….

Points raised by members recently:
  • There are rats on site so please don’t bring food scraps, egg shells down to compost.
  • As well as no tipping around the car park please note that no tipping of waste, including garden waste, is permitted anywhere on the site. This includes the Riverside area as well as everywhere else.
  • Please take care with fires, especially on sunny Saturdays. If you have to burn please do it early or late with the wind away from Radford Road and Leam Terrace. (And please remember fires are not permitted at all on Sundays)
  • Concerns have been raised about the more toxic slug pellets and the damage they can do to wildlife. To help develop a position on this the whole topic of pesticides and poisons will be a focus for this year’s AGM in December.

And Finally ……………….

Apologies for typo in last Newsletter. It’s Jak Sheridan who is our new Secretary. Apologies, Jak.

Happy Gardening

Please don’t forget the Plant Sale
Jim Layton