November 2017

November 2017

AGM (December 4th)  ………….

Monday December 4th at 7:30
at St Mary’s Church Hall 

Do come along for a review of the past year, Officers’ reports, elections to Committee, tabled issues and other discussions.
If there is anything you would like to put on the Agenda as a proposal, please let Jak Sheridan know at before Nov 27th.
Likewise if you’d like to stand for the Committee, we’d be really pleased to get your nomination.

  • AGM’s have traditionally been on Mondays, but Is there a better day or time?
  • Is our membership of the National Allotment Society (currently £4 per member) worthwhile?
  • Where have we got to on the Muntjac problem?
Come along and contribute to discussion

The Annual Committee planning meeting is in January. What do you think should be tackled in 2018? Again, please respond by email to me, Jim Layton, or at AGM.

Growing Guides ………….


Our ongoing thanks to Miles for his monthly growing guides and tips. These can be accessed from our website on by on July or August
Miles updates these each month so they are worth looking at. All of the growing tips now stored in the Growing Guides section of the website.

Why not have a look.
You might learn something new even if you are an old hand!

Seed Orders and Catalogues ………….

Thanks for your seed orders. They should arrive just before or just after Christmas. More info in next Newsletter.

If you haven’t yet ordered there will be an extra seed order going in on December 4th. You can still post your order into the car park postbox or hand it in at the AGM.

Talking of Christmas, how about sending out our St Mary’s calendar. Friends overseas and in the UK have been fascinated by our unique site. Just e mail if you’d like one at £5. Or we can do 5 for £20 . Also available at the AGM.

Overgrown Plots ………….

We have been treating a plot seriously affected by mare’s tail with agricultural chemicals and plan a final treatment in the Spring. We don’t like to do this but the plot is otherwise not lettable. Because of this, when inspecting next year we are going to pay special attention to overgrown plots with a lot of this weed which spreads quickly from neglected plots, especially on C and E areas. The best way without resort to undesirable chemicals is regular digging, now at the end of the season and in May when new shoots begin to show. Also remember to destroy all mare’s tail gathered. So please help with regular uprooting so that the plants begin to become exhausted and at least diminish in extent.

Allotment shop  ……………….

Next month we will be laying out our plans and programme for the Allotment Shop which will be opening in late February. As well as seeds there will also be a good range of seed potatoes still at only £1.50 per kilo.

Do let us know if there is anything else that you think we should be stocking for next year.

Allotment Prunings!  ……………….

  • We have lots of leaves piled up on two spots on the Main Gate and on the green path between C and E. They make brilliant material for rotting down on their own, adding to green material in compost bins or for mulching. There’s an excellent guide in December’s Kitchen Garden. (an excellent gardening magazine and the most relevant, in my opinion, for allotmenteers)
  • On the negative side the Committee has  just written to give notice to a member who was witnessed on two occasions taking fruit from another members’ plot without that members’ knowledge and permission. In doing so we are enforcing the rules of our Association in the interests of all.


Thats all the news

Hope to see you at the AGM

Jim Layton