February 2017

February 2017

Shop re-opens this Sunday ………….

The allotment Shop re-opens
this Sunday, February 19th
from 10.00am to 12 noon.

It’s getting closer to the growing season and time to sow indoors or in the greenhouse.

Supplies will be available from our own shop from Sunday February 19th from 10 to 12noon,  and then every Sunday and Wednesday thereafter.

Our potato seed is top quality direct from the supplier and hasn’t spent time in an overheated shop. Price £1.50 a kilo, discount for bulk, and you can mix and match if you wish as all varieties are just that price.

All our other ranges will be on sale too.

If you’ve not shopped with us before so pop in a see what we can offer and our prices before you look elsewhere.  All proceeds go to supporting allotment developments.

Allotment Inspecteions ………….

The first inspection of the year will be late March so as the weather improves its a good time to prepare plots for the growing season.

It’s expected that 75% of a plot is cultivated/ ready for cultivation. Fruit trees are included in the 75%.

Mile’s Allotment Jobs for February……………….

20d1fee1-beb2-46ab-b502-7cf3dc8fd36bIf you are new to growing follow our monthly tips but bear in mind that the soil is usually too cold and wet for direct seed sowing until April or even May, depending on the year. The jobs can be found on the St Mary’s website.

Committee Plans for 2017 ……………….

The Committee had a planning meeting in January where we welcomed Chaiya Subsin as a co opted member. The plan for the year 2017 in brief is:

  • Install an eco toilet, subject to funding being raised
  • Respray the green huts in the car park
  • Clear mare’s tail on a very severely affected plot, on an experimental basis, using six different strategies. The most successful will then be applied elsewhere.Improve site security through additional measures: a solar powered Web cam.
  • Produce a St Marys calender for sale at rent days and after.
  • Audit all fruit trees in the season, highlighting rare and heritage varieties.

Do get in touch if you’re interested or can help with any of these activities. (allotment.chair@yahoo.co.uk) Your email will be forwarded to the Committee person leading a particular activity.

Site issues ……………….

Some pollarding has been done recently on trees near the overhead power lines. (non fruiting, which technically shouldn’t be there anyway). The company doing the work has a replacement policy and we have requested 4 damson trees to go in the border of the car park as a future resource for all.

We are now up to our sixth skip (both metal and landfill) in 3 months.
This is to take away decaying structures and accumulated junk. It’s good to clean up our site but sad to see so much unrecycleable plastic. We can all help by culling our own junk but more so by not bringing down anything that isn’t part of the growing process. So much gets left behind when people leave or in various ways ‘disappear’.

That’s all for now

Happy Gardening
Jim Layton