August 2016

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August 2016

Don’t Miss the Mikron Theatre on
Wednesday August 10th at 6.30pm

The Mikron Theatre group are returning for another free show entitled Pure on 

Wednesday August 10th at 6.30pm. 

In ‘Pure’ Mikron tackles the subject of chocolate and, typically for Mikron, the production combines a bit of history with a modern story, laughs, songs and a strong appeal to conscience.

Kreation Foods from the United States have taken over the old established British firm, Plumstead’s, and plan to re-launch the Plumstead’s Pure chocolate bar. Do they have plans to abandon the old ethical working practices or even close the British operation? At the same time Faye and Tarquin, young employees, try to push Kreation into adopting Fair Trade status for Plumstead’s Pure.

Growing Points ………….

WP_20160801_13_08_34_ProA good crop of onions from Tony Baker on D section

We’re hearing of some good crops amongst the inevitable failures. Carrots seem as tricky as ever unless they’re off the ground in barrels and so forth but onions, beans, potatoes seem to be good and last sowings in this hot wet weather are doing better than spring sowings (see Miles’ tips)

It’s almost, but maybe not quite. too late for sowings of turnips, carrots etc with a view to crops at the end of October.

Did you grow potatoes from St Marys’ Shop seeds? What’s been good? I’ve seen massive cops of Desiree and Charlotte and for myself had a small but interesting crop of Shetland Black. Not a big cropper but a good, quite floury, taste with black/blue skin and a purple ring inside. Until recently only grown in the Scottish islands and said to have arrived centuries ago via a Spanish shipwreck.

As well as the usuals we plan to stock something different each year.
What would you like us to stock? One new addition will be Sarpo, blight resistant.

Allotment Shop ………

Thanks to those who replied to our shop survey, we took note of all the comments. If you didn’t get round to completing it there’s still an opportunity to do so. All responses are anonymous.  Click here to take the survey The survey will close on August 20th sp please have a look. It only takes 5 minutes to complete.

There will be a wider range of seeds for sale next year at around £1 a packet. The shop will reopen in late February but it’ll be time soon to order Kings’ seeds from the catalogue. This year we’ll have a catalogue available for everyone and they’ll be available on the Rent Weekends (Sept 24 and 25 and Oct 1 and 2 from 10 till 12) . It’s planned to get all orders in by October 31st so that orders are received by members in December. You can’t beat their prices anywhere. More next month.

By the way, no rent increases are planned though the National Allotment Society have raised their fee a little.

Mile’s Allotment Jobs ……………….

Miles’ growing tips and allotment jobs can be found on the St Mary’s Allotment Website by clicking on the link below.

Olly’s Bid for Shed of the Year ! ……………….

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 16.24.01Amazing Spaces / Shed of the Year final is on Channel 4 at 8pm on August 12th and Ol Renison’s shed on our site should be featured then.

He’s done well to get this far but how far will he go? I don’t know but will be watching to find out !.

Using the grass roads ……………….

A reminder..while it’s dry that it’s OK to use the grass roads for deliveries but only briefly please and no parking and path blocking.

When the rains come access will be restricted to protect the grass and structure and for safety too. Even now there is risk involved particularly with uneven and sunken sections.

And Finally ……………….

It was so good to see the fine weather over the weekend for the Art in the Park event and also good to see a number of exhibitors from St Mary’s.
Talking to the Leamington Society at Art in the Park there are notions to revive Flower, Fruit, Veg shows in the Pump Room Gardens once their Heritage lottery work is done there in a year or two. Maybe this is something we could contribute to in some way?
 Happy Gardening
Jim (Chair)