June 2017

June 2017

Muntjac Deer Problems ………….

The issue of Muntjac deer on site has been raised by members lately. Although they’ve been with us sometime there is increasing damage to crops especially on area F. They live on site but also enter from Leam Terrace gardens and across the river.

There are some routes we can’t go down, one of which is shooting. (for reasons of potential collateral danger).

However, at the last Committee meeting we agreed to start action and begin a Deer Management Programme. Miles has kindly made a range of enquiries which provided the following ideas.

Deterring the Deer

It may be worth reading either: Garden Deer – A guide on Damage Limitation,or Creating a Deer Proof Garden both of which are available via Amazon.

They are full of ideas about excluding deer from your garden but which should equally work for an allotment too. Click the images to go to Amazon.

Legally we are not allowed to trap them and let them go into the wild, but we can legally drive them off our site, which might be worth thinking about.

Here is a starting list ideas that plot holders can try. Let us know if you have others and we can add to the list.

  • Spray vunerable crops with soap and/or garlic (I sprayed mine against blackfly and they haven’t been touched. Was this luck or coincidence?)
  • An electric deer deterrent, can be bought from Maplins. (Deer Initiative)
  • Put string or netting around or over crops (Pauls idea).
  • Lion dung (The Deer Initiative).
  • Hang bars of soap in-between crops (The Deer Initiative).
  • Human hair in a bag (The Deer Initiative).
  • Urine near crops (The Deer Initiative).
  • Posts painted with creosote. (The Deer Initiative).
  • Uneven posts around areas (Jak)
  • Drive them off site (The Deer Initiative).
  • I have also put a rubber snake next to a rose they are eating (me, in desperation?)

Click on these links for The British Deer Society and The Deer Initiative which include ideas for managing deer on site and attempting to remove them.

June Jobs ………….


Our ongoing thanks to Miles for his monthly growing guides and tips. These can be accessed from our website on by clicking here
Miles updates these each month so they are worth looking at. All of the growing tips now stored in the Growing Guides section of the website.

Gardener of the Year ………….

At the last Committee meeting we also decided to relaunch the Best Gardener Of The Year award. We are looking for plots that are

  • at least 75% cultivated
  • attractively presented with good crops of fruit and/or vegetables and flowers.
  • have a rain water collection set up
  • have plot number clearly displayed.

The award is intended to recognise effort and success so feel free to nominate yourself or a fellow gardener before the end of July. It doesn’t have to be perfect. There will also be runner up awards too.

In addition there will be an award for Best New Gardener of the Year. We have quite a turnover of members and it’s important to recognise new members. By the way if you’ve joined lately, welcome and do get in touch with any thoughts or suggestions to: allotment.chair@yahoo.co.uk

Allotment Inspections ……………….

Do you have a plot overwhelmed with Mares Tail? Do get in touch if you need advice or help. We are soon to treat a plot on C with agricultural style chemicals via a qualified contractor. Not something that’s wanted really but the plot’s unlettable without.

There are other routes including thorough digging first in April and then around now.

In any case NEVER compost it but burn or destroy as you think fit. We do need to get on top of the problem before it spreads even further.

Mikron Theatre back on August 8th ……………….

Mikron Theatre returns top St Mary’s on Tuesday August 8th at 7pm with a new play called ‘In at the Deep End’.  With marvellous maritime music and fathoms of fun, join Mikron as they dive into two hundred years of saving lives at sea!

We will have more next month but do put the date in your diary, As before it’s free though donations are welcome on the day. We also hope to have some art installations on site for the week.

Allotment Shop and Plant Sale ……………….

Our Shop is now open Sundays only, as the seasonal trade drops off. We still have adequate stocks and all seeds are now half price at 50p.

Please note that it’s likely the Shop will close in late July.

Many thanks to all who donated to or bought from our Plant sale. £283 was raised for Association funds.

And Finally ……………….

If you are new to the Association bear in mind that we try to use email to save on postage. It seems these often go to Junk, so try to accept:
And if you change your details..email address, home address, or phone number please contact allotment.secretary.


Does anyone have access to some blue water butts.? Do get in contact if so.

It’s good to see the site so busy lately. It seems like the community of shared interest again after those sparse winter months.

Happy Gardeningg

Jim Layton