July and August 2017

July and August 2017

Gardener of the year ………….

Are there any last nominations for Best Gardener of the Year award?

To nominate any member, including yourself email to: allotment.chair@yahoo.co.uk. The award will be presented on Tuesday August 8th at 6.30pm, just before Mikron start their performance

Mikron Theatre visit ………….


Our ongoing thanks to Miles for his monthly growing guides and tips. These can be accessed from our website on by on July or August
Miles updates these each month so they are worth looking at. All of the growing tips now stored in the Growing Guides section of the website.

Why not have a look. You might learn something new even if you are an old hand!

Mikron Theatre visit ………….

This year’s Mikron Theatre visit will take place on Tuesday August 8th at 6:30pm.

This year’s performance is called In at the Deep End. It features Mikron’s usual mix of music and fun as they dive into two hundred years of saving lives at sea!

All are very welcome and there’s no charge though donations can be made at the end. Teas, coffees, cake will be available before the performance.

The weather is not certain so if there is a downpour the venue will switch to the Sydni Centre. If you can, please walk down or try to park off site. There should be plenty of room in the Newbold car park.

Wellesbourne allotments under threat ………….

You may have heard of the battle that Wellesbourne Allotments are having about a proposal to sell their site for house building. They have the same landlord as us, the Coventry Diocese. Our enquiries suggest that there are no similar problems for St Mary’s.

The Wellesbourne campaign is going well, it seems, with a feature on Midlands Today TV, and a half page article in The Guardian and The Courier.

Our Committee has emailed Wellesbourne giving our support. Their campaign is called Protect and Secure. We hope to have some petitions available to sign in the near future. If you want to contact Wellesbourne you can email them at: info@sowa.org.uk.

Allotment shop now closed ……………….

Our shop has now closed for the season. Thanks to those who supported and special thanks to the volunteers who kept it going from late Feb till now. It made a profit of just over £1000 all of which goes to the Association’s funds.

It’s clear in our second year that heavy and bulky items are in biggest demand. On smaller items we can’t really compete on price with the discount stores although we keep a small range of things like twine, tomato feed etc. for convenience. Potato sales were largely the same but we had to clear a lot of onion and shallot sets and broad bean sales were minimal.

This may reflect the cheap cost of onions in the shops and, it seems, the increased difficulties in growing them. What do you think?

Your ideas for next year are very welcome. Overall the shop is well worthwhile providing some revenue, being a service and acting as a contact point.

A visit to Canalside …………

Do you fancy a look at Canalside; the vegetable growers further along from us towards Radford?

We can have a St Mary’s visit around 7pm one evening in August with a guide and a chance to help briefly. Do email me at allotment.chair@yahoo.co.uk if you do and I’ll send the day back when it’s firmly fixed.

Association and site updates ……………….

  • Our AGM is on Monday Dec 4that 7.30 in St Mary’s Church Hall. One for your diary.
  • We have had some reports of theft recently, especially of fruit. There are some CCTV cameras around but please keep an eye out around you and politely challenge in any suspicious situation, if you feel able.
  • The Main Gate should always be locked at 8.30pm in the summer even If someone is still on site, as they should be carrying their key. However, as far as I know it hasn’t been left open.
  • We had an enquiry about fishing from our side of the Leam but this isn’t permitted. You need to be a member of the Angling Association and have a licence we are informed.
  • There were a couple of bonfire incidents some weeks ago but thankfully people are waiting till the very dry season is over and neighbours are less out both on allotments and in gardens. Keep spreading non-compostable weeds out to dry and burn in September onwards.
  • We had a very welcome visit from three of Binswood Allotments’ Committee last week and plan to make a return visit soon.
  • Our new Eco Toilet will be on display on the 8th though not in use. Installation is being done on the 10th and 11th.
  • The Deer Management plan is being worked on and we hope to have a strategy to implement at our next Committee meeting on August 6th. We will keep you updated.

Thats all the news

Hope to see you at our Mikron event

Jim Layton