Newsletter November 2016

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November 2016

2016 AGM ………….


Monday 28th November

St Mary’s Church Hall

Do try to  get to our AGM. It’s an important part of our year and the more members attending the better. We scrutinise the past year, raise issues and elect a Committee to keep our site running.

Ahead of this the deadline for * Proposals * Nominations for a vacant Committee place , is November 15th. You can email or use our on site post box.

Seed orders ………….

Our Kings seed order has now been sent and we expect the seed packages will arrive in December. We’ll let you know when. Separately, our order to our potato et al supplier has also gone and that order should arrive mid February, so the shop will reopen then for seed potatoes.

First earlies: Int Kidney, Pentland Javelin, Red Duke of York, Rocket.
Second Earlies: Charlotte, Nicola, Wilja. Maincrop: Cara, Desiree, Maris Piper, Pentland Dell, Picasso, Pink Fir apple and Sarpo Mira.

Provisional price for all potatoes, £1.50 a kilo with 10% discount for large quantities.

Sturon, Stuttgart Red Baron onion sets,
Yellow Moon shallots,

Peas and Beans
Greenshaft peas and Aquadulce broad beans.

More on the shop in future Newsletters

Riverside plot raffle ………

A Riverside plot is available to let and as per our normal procedure we are raffling the chance to rent it. £5 per entry. Just email with your details and an arrangement to pay the £5. We will draw the winner at the AGM

The winner can then rent it at the usual plot rental prices. Conditions as before:

  • open to all members of 3 years plus
  • with a reasonable history of cultivation and
  • subject to the 400 square yards maximum per member

Mile’s Allotment Jobs ……………….

20d1fee1-beb2-46ab-b502-7cf3dc8fd36bThanks again to Miles  for his useful list of November jobs. These can be found by clicking on the link to the St Mary’s Website where all of the year’s jobs are located. Click here for November’s jobs 

Ticks ……………….

We are interested to find out how many people may have picked up (potentially disease bearing) ticks on site. We have one report so far. Please contact as above if you have experienced any.

If you don’t know what ticks look like, or what the potential health hazards are for humans and other animals, from being bitten by and infected tick then you can find out more at

Female Deer or Lyme Tick (Ixodes dammmini). LM X7

Scrap metal request ……………….

Sometimes scrap metal is left in the car park. But we would prefer it if you could hold on to any you might have until the Spring when we will have another metal skip (and maybe a landfill one too).

And finally ……………….

Do you need your plot rotating?

If you don’t have time for digging, or you can’t easily manage it any more have you considered getting your plot motivated? For rotivation at a reasonable price contact and get a quote.

Although we are now into the Winter lay off,
there are still plenty of Winter
maintenance jobs to do

Happy Gardening
Jim Layton