Mikron Theatre’s Performance of ‘PURE’ on August 10th

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Britain’s most prolific theatre
company will pitch up for a fifth year running amid the apple trees and blackberry bushes at Leamington’s St Mary’s Allotments on Wednesday August 10th at 6:30pm.

Mikron Theatre will build on the roaring success of last year’s visit with an acclaimed tale of chocolate that it is touring around the country by canal, river and road.

The show, entitled Pure, will again take place in the car park, where last year the biggest audience to date sat on chairs and hay bales in fine summer weather.

Mikron’s four versatile performers use witty, fast-paced plots and audience interaction and play musical instruments as they bring their stories to life.

The roving company celebrates its 45th anniversary this year, and Pure has already received glowing reviews in the national media since the group – which uses a vintage canal boat to reach many of its shows – began its latest UK tour early last month.

Artistic director Marianne McNamara said: “I take the legacy of Mikron and its promise to make theatre everywhere for everyone very seriously.

For 45 years Mikron has toured to places that other companies don’t, and that means we are often deep in heart of the countryside, with no venue nearby, or finding ourselves performing in the most unlikely of places – a boatyard, an allotment, even inside a tunnel. Our shows are often performed outdoors and for a majority of them you don’t even need to buy a ticket – we pass a hat around at the end. We love how informal our performances are, and make shows that we can all relate to, whether that’s our shared history or our shared love of chocolate!”

The show on August 10 coincides with National Allotments Week and visitors will have the chance to have a tour of the prize sheds and treasured plots. The highlights include a unique and much-praised hut design by Oliver Renson, which incorporates washing machine windows.

A spokesman for St Mary’s Allotments said: “We’re thrilled to welcome back Mikron for a fifth time and are looking forward to another dazzling display of great acting, music and laughter.

“Last year was our biggest audience to date and this time we’ll find a place under the skies and a cup of tea and slice of cake for everyone. There will also be the chance to look around the historic allotments which thanks to the efforts of plot holders and shed-builders are in splendid form.”

Pure spans 150 years of chocolate as it focuses on a food manufacturer’s attempt to relaunch the nation’s former favourite bar in a blaze of razzmatazz. The show, which follows last year’s tale of fish and chips, asks if success always has a sweet smell.

The allotment’s own refreshments will be available on the evening and the show is free, with a collection for the group after the performance.

*Pure takes place on Wednesday August 10 at 6.30pm. The allotments are in Glebe Place, but visitors are asked to park next door in the Newbold Comyn car park off the Radford Road.