January 2017

January 2017

Welcome to the new growing year ………….

Happy New Year to everyone! On Sunday February 19th the Shop re opens at 10am with a wide range of essentials and other needs:

  • First Early, Second Early and Maincrop Seed Potatoes all at £1.50 per kilo with discounts for 5 kilos plus.
  • Excellent Scottish quality and a price that won’t be bettered locally.
  • Stuttgart, Sturon and Red Onion sets.
  • Greenshaft Pea seed
  • AquaDulce Broad Bean seed.
  • Erin 70 litre compost at £4.95.
  • Plus a range of Kings veg seeds at £1 a packet, and all the usual composts and fertilisers.

Do support your Association Shop as all profit is invested in our site and its facilities.It will also open on Wednesday the 22nd and every Sunday and Wednesday thereafter (we hope)!

New parking bays ………….

Over the Christmas break we had parking bays marked out. Please use them correctly. In the busy months this regulated parking should give a few more spaces. However we haven’t gone for the maximum. The company contracted to do the work advised us to follow industry guidance (although they would have followed whatever we wanted).

We took their advice in the interests of safe parking even though more spaces could have been squeezed in. This should lessen the risk of collision and/or damage. The two spaces for ‘disabled ‘ drivers/passengers are part of our programme to improve accessibility but can also be used by older members who have more limited mobility and might benefit from a space available, and nearer to plots if they are on areas accessed from that end of the car park.

Mile’s Allotment Jobs ……………….

20d1fee1-beb2-46ab-b502-7cf3dc8fd36bThanks again to Miles  for his useful list of January jobs. These can be found by clicking on the link below where all of the year’s jobs are located. 

Hanging on in there! ……………….

Next newsletter ……………….

Next Newsletter, in late February, there will be detail of the Committee’s plans for 2017 including a decision on an eco toilet. We’re currently investigating the WooWoo.

And finally ……………….

A quote from Marcus Tullius Cicero who was considered one of Rome’s greatest philosophers, politicians, lawyers, orators, political theorist and consuls.

“If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need”

Happy Gardening
Jim Layton