June 2016

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June 2016

Plant Sale ………….

plant SaleOur Plant Sale is this coming Sunday June 5th from 10 till 12. Do drop any donations off in the glass lean to in the car park either on Saturday or early on Sunday We usually have a good selection so if you are short of something come and take a look. Money raised helps the Association.

Our shop will also be open and if you have something gardening related to sell (with a percentage donation to the association) please get in touch. Teas and coffees will also be available. Parking might be a bit tight. We are considering getting bays/lines painted in later this Summer

Mikron Theatre Visit ………….

The Mikron Theatre group are returning for aScreen Shot 2016-06-08 at 08.29.26nother free show, this time on Wednesday August 10th at 6.30 pm. This year’s performance is entitled ‘Pure’ and its all about chocolate!

Please make a note in your diary and keep it free for another evening or great entertainment. We will keep you updated on this years performance in forthcoming Newsletters or you can find out more by visiting  Mikron’s website.

Allotment Shop ………

The shop is going well and thanks for your support. We plan to wind it down for the year around July/August, depending on demand. We have been fortunate to have a great band of volunteers.

Next month in the Newsletter we will include a survey to find out what’s gone well and what could be done better. Around August we also want to find how well the potato varieties we sold have grown and how they taste. Plus any other varieties that grow well on our site and that we could stock next year.

Mile’s Allotment Jobs ……………….

Miles has posted his monthly tips for June on the St Mary’s Website. Follow the link from this article to the St Mary’s Allotment website to find Mile’s growing tips for June.

Art Show ……………….

Calling all artists- amateurs especially- dabblers welcome. We’re planning an art show for the early evening of the 10th Auigust. to co-incide with the Mikron visit. If you have anything you could let us borrow (or sell with a small percentage to the Association please let me know. Help also welcomed!

Contact Ellen at ellen@alcocks.org.uk if you have anything to show or sell, or want to help.


Glebe place Lock ……………….

YE150-Yale-Indoor-Brass-Padlock.jpg@p0x0-q85-M1020x420-FrameNumber(1)The Glebe Place lock was replaced after a delay waiting both for manufacture in London and the local shop we went through being closed for a week. But not all keys work so for any key problems come to the Shop on Sunday (or Wednesday) for exchanges. We will keep a supply ready to save time.

However on Wednesday a member’s key broke in the lock so we are hoping that it can be be fixed on site without it being sent off again. I share the general frustration. We could initially have bought a new lock, necessitating new keys all round but we went for the replacement option as a new lock and keys (say about 80) would have cost c £350 (ie equivalent to £1 on all rents) Hopefully by the time you read this it will be fixed.

Unfortunately we have had to replace the Glebe Place Lock with a new mortice Lock. New Keys are available for members.

Gardening Volunteer Needed ……………….

current-employment-opportunitiesGuy at the Sydni Centre is looking for a volunteer gardening supervisor to work along side him, or, when he is away, instead of him, at the Sydenham Community Centre.  We are looking for a fairly confident vegetable and flower gardener who would be willing to work alongside other volunteers, some of whom have quite substantial handicaps although all of whom enjoy working outside in a group.

The working hours are between 10.00 and 12.00 on Mondays (except Bank Holidays) and Tuesdays. At present there are two volunteers on each day. Free refreshment is provided for every hour worked!

This is rewarding work and Guy would provide a thorough induction.

If you think you can help Guy you can contact him at guythomson1861@gmail.com

Do You Need Help? ……………….

If you need some extra help with the heavy jobs on your
allotment this might interest you:

Strimming, Mowing and Rotovating undertaken
Regular or ‘one off’
Ask for a quote
Contact your area rep or email:

Site security ……………….

A group of youths..around 7..were on site on Tuesday and Wednesday the 24/25th May and caused damage on two plots. We have a good photo of 3 of them which is being forwarded to Police. Please keep an eye out as they may come back. A photo is the best strategy if you feel able. And an eye on the Main Gate and prompt closing at 8.30 (for the summer) will help. We also have CCTV cameras in strategic places.

Thank yous ……………….

Many thanks for:
  • to the person who donated potato / tomato growing sacks to the shop. Nice thought and appreciated.
  • and to the people who have planted flowers by main gate. Looks really good!

Check out this website ……………….

Here’s a really interesting website that’s got loads of information about allotments and growing. Check it out when you have a moment or two. you never know you might learn something useful. Click the image above to get to ‘all about allotments’

And finally ……………….

Ol Renison’s shed featured here previously has made it to the final of Channel 4’s Shed Of The Year competition. Do support and vote for it as it’s a great addition to our site and worthy winner!. Voting ends on June 8th. Ol’s shed is called Shed of Dreams. So vote now.

Click here to vote for Ol

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Good luck with the growing season

Jim Layton (Chair)